5 Star

A favorite of the Indian consumer for more than four decades, 5 Star still continues to be what it was back then when it was launched in 1969 — a novel concept in the chocolate world, that set a new revolution in the making of chocolates. Never before had people bitten into something so chocolaty and deliciously chewy at the same time! Small wonder that they saw the deliciously rich bar as something they’d hate to share.

The star of every refrigerator and pocket, people cannot resist biting into one! What makes 5 Star so irresistible is the unique combination of chocolate, caramel, and nougat.

While the classic 5 Star is caramel-filled chocolate, there’s also 5 Star Fruit & Nut, which was launched in 2008, and 5 Star Crunchy, launched in 2005. The lingering taste of togetherness has given way to the dreamy surrender (jo khaaye kho jaaye) to the gooey, chewy delights of 5 Star!