Bubbaloo brought about a juicy change in how consumers looked at gums!

Known as the gum with the juicy centre, the internationally-loved brand of bubble-gum made its foray in the Indian market in 2007, though it’s been available worldwide since 1984. Its liquid centre sets it apart from the regular gums, the spurt of fruit-flavoured liquid exciting the taste buds as you bite into a Bubbaloo! That, perhaps, helped decide in its favour — while the juicy heart of the Bubbaloo inspired its differential popularity, it’s also an inspiration to get the wheels of the brain turning in decision-making ... Decision Gum, indeed! It has inspired games and is even hyped as a ‘face gym’, exercising muscles to give that lean, sculpted look that makes the face arresting!

Bubbaloo is available in the strawberry flavour and the brand commands nearly 10 per cent of the gum market in India.